⌁ Because everyone knows a Dikkenek, you owe it to yourself to know this thirst quenching beer.

⌁ Local, friendly and off beat, this straw yellow blond beer is a Belgian IPA for every occasion; Enjoy it fresh with friends !

⌁ Our secret ? A collaboration that’s working perfectly well, local grains, a good touch of exoticism and the Belgian Spirit, the whole concentrated in a bottle !

⌁ Based on an original idea by Dave, brewed by local guys; she is a tribute to Belgicism !

⌁ Be part of the Belgian Spirit, dare this Dikkenek IPA and be a legend every day !

The story behind the label

The Dikkenek label has been designed by Laura Ruymaekers, an Antwerp based artist and illustrator.

⌁ More info coming soon ⌁


Type Belgian IPA
Colour Straw yellow
Alcohol level 6.7% vol
EBU 50
SHELF LIFE 18 months
Key Flavors Fruity, citrus, strong bitterness
Aromas Fruity nose: white fruit/citrus
Storage At temperature of cellar
Serving Serve cool at 4⌁6°C (39⌁43°F)


Thirsty beer with notes of white fruit (banana, nectarine, pineapple) and slightly citrus (mandarin zest).

Hop flavors which bring a strong bitterness.